A Mini AEC Thesaurus to Help You Jettison Jargon

Like any industry, AEC has its own jargon. It’s shorthand for concepts and processes used every day in the world of design.  It’s handy, but it doesn’t necessarily help your reader understand your point, feel inspired, or connect with you. Even when your audience is familiar with a term, you're taxing them with mentally decoding your message. That’s not good. Marketing is about making your messages clear. Easy. Memorable.

Whether it's project descriptions and award submittals or case studies and web copy, simple is better. Here are a few jargon busters and alternatives for words popular in our industry.  Use them to stop sounding just like everyone else.

Strickler Jargon Busters.png

Okay, so maybe one of these is not like the others. But everyone can use a reminder about shifting the writing focus in marketing messages to clients!  More on that in my next post. To get it in your inbox, sign up for my newsletter.