3 Quick Fixes for Thought Leaders with No Time to Write

What holds you back from creating thought leader content for your firm? 

I'm often working with designers and technical experts to develop articles, blogposts, and other marketing pieces that showcase the value of their firm's knowledge base. But getting ideas out of someone's head and onto paper in a way that is useful is challenging:  

  • “I am just too busy!”

  • “I don't know where to start.”

  • “Writing makes me itch.”

Here are 3 tips I use to help experts get content-rich ideas out of their heads and on to paper.  

Step 1.png

With a specific audience (even a specific person!) in mind, shaping your thoughts is easier. Think about what your audience most wants to know about your topic - what three things can you answer for them? Starting with your audience focuses your content. It keeps you consistent.   

For many people, talking is MUCH easier than writing. Try explaining your topic idea to a colleague for feedback, or even dictating it aloud to formulate your thoughts. It’s a great use of ‘downtime’ in the car.

Step 3.png

Forget about this as ‘sitting down to write an article.’ Too much pressure; too much time. Start with a simple outline of what you want to say.  Use those three things your audience wants to know from step one. Then, try what author Ann Handley calls ‘The Ugly First Draft’.  It’s fantastically ugly! Bursting with bad grammar! Something you wouldn’t even show your own mother! BUT it gets you started. It gets the main ideas out. Then, breathe a sweet sigh of relief; the hardest part is done.

If you struggle with creating thought leader content, contact me.  As a strategic writer dedicated to professional services, I'm turn the content projects you can't get to into indispensable marketing pieces you can’t do without.