Unlock Your Potential to Market Smarter

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Rely on Data

In the middle of running through your presentation, your phone rings.

It’s a publication that targets your key market and they have an uh-MAY-zing opportunity to advertise.

But they need an answer NOW.

It targets your market… they’re discounting the price… It sounds like a great marketing idea . . . but how will you know if it’s worth it in the end?

Without marketing metrics in place, it’s hard to gauge return on investment, isn’t it?

And if you’re a small or midsize firm, you may think that you don’t have the resources to develop those metrics.

But guess what? You already have some.

Here are 5 sources of data you already collect for other purposes that you can use to identify, benchmark, and then measure the impact of strategic marketing campaigns.

Data You Already Have

  1. Proposal and leads lists
  2. Referral tracking lists
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Social media metrics
  5. Eblast open rates

3 Ways to Unlock Data’s Potential

Not sure how you’d use them?

Here are three real-life examples:

Proposal and Leads List

Last year, a small engineering firm pulled out their proposal tracking list. They analyzed every proposal request they’d received in the two years prior. And they made a discovery: a significant number of their potential clients were asking them for work in only one of the three core services areas they provide. This year, they’re focused on educating potential clients about the value of using all three services together. 

Referral Tracking List

A boutique landscape architecture firm discovered they could measure the value of a recent pro-bono project in a new neighborhood after examining their referrals and leads lists. Because they tracked geographic data, they saw it was the likeliest source of a 20% boost in qualified lead calls from that new location.

Social Media Metrics

A midsized design-build firm struggled with how to measure the progress of their social media efforts. Each platform gave them plenty of data, but it was overwhelming. By establishing very targeted marketing goals for each platform, we were able to set a benchmark for each and then measure progress each quarter. 


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