4 Easy Ways to Spark Ideas for Must-Read Blogs

See if this sounds familiar: you read an article about how important it is to improve your marketing by adding content to your site, like articles, blog posts, white papers, interviews, video. You understand that content drives people to your website and helps turn prospects into leads. And the statistics are soooooo alluring:

So, you toss around some potential ideas for content, get excited for a few weeks about it, post a few things  . . . and then get busy with other things and it never gets done.

When I ask small AEC firms about whether they blog, I often get one of two responses:

“No – figuring out what we’d blog about feels too overwhelming and we never start.”


“Yes, but keeping it going is hard!”

Creating posts that your target audience wants to read is hard - if you don’t have a clear strategy on how to keep it going. After starting, editing or maintaining several blogs for design firms, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. My #1 observation: creating blog content that your potential clients will want to read requires looking at yourself from your client’s perspective all the time. Thinking like your client is a seismic mental shift. Luckily, it’s not difficult to do.  

A great place to start?  Collect questions your prospective clients have asked you.  Addressing their anxieties before they have the chance to ask them helps build trust.  It also creates ‘evergreen’ content that will remain a valuable part of your marketing strategy indefinitely.

Use these 4 questions to jumpstart content that your potential clients will want to read:

  1. What top 3 questions do your existing clients ask you frequently?
  2. What top 3 questions do potential clients ask you frequently?
  3. What 3 things do you wish your clients knew, understood, or planned for before the process started?
  4. What 3 key pieces of information does your potential client need to make the decision to hire you?

Answer these four questions and you’ll have 12 good, long-lasting ideas for your blog or another area of your website. Do one each month and you’re set for the next year.   

Want help crafting a rock-solid content strategy for your blog plus putting that strategy to work for you? Let’s talk.

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